Our staff LOVED their day in the Mobile Recovery Station.  The employees talked about it for months.  It improved morale and productivity and we will be very excited to have the TRS Mobile Recovery Trailer back to our facility!

                                                                                    -Lynette Rathbun,  Genesis Health Care Tyler, Texas

The Turbo Sports Mobile Recovery Station was a very welcome and popular addition to this year’s USA Sevens (Rugby) Tournament in Las Vegas.  The unit was made available to our professional athletes, many of whom received multiple recovery treatments.  We feel that Turbo Sports is enhancing the world of athletic recovery, and we look forward to having the TSR Mobile Recovery Station at our future events.

Rob Cornelius, Vice President


We used the Mobile Recovery Station at an event at the UBER Hub in Houston as a thank you to the drivers. This was by far the favorite activity at the event. The quality of the massage chairs is exceptional. The Turbo Sports Recovery team was so pleasant and easy to work with – the customer service is unparalleled. We highly recommend the Turbo Sports Mobile Recovery Station. 

Ginette Qualey

Sprint, Marketing Manager

Our Driver Partners raved on and on about the service and experience provided by Turbo Sports Recovery.  When you spend large amounts of time on the road and on the go, it’s important to keep your blood flowing and muscles loose. Turbo Sports Recovery offers the perfect solution for our pop up events.

Chuck DeLongchamp Uber Technologies, Greenlight Partner

Uber Technologies, Greenlight Partner