Who needs to relax?  Rejuvenate? 

                       Introductory offers for our Mobile Recovery Station are available  through Sept 25th.

Schedule your date and bring joy to those around you!  We can perform 48 ten- minute massages per hour, 32 fifteen- minute massages per hour, or 16 thirty- minute massages per hour!

Early Morning Rejuvenation Session (3 hours)

Perfect for golf outing warmups, cross fit/gym post-workouts, as well as running and cycling club activities.   Session must commence between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM.


Midday or Late Day Recovery and Rejuvenation Session (3 hours)

Surprise employees with a lunch break they will surely appreciate.  Also appropriate for regional meetings, residential apartment complexes, bridal showers, medical professionals and faculty members who need a boost.  Session must start between 11 AM and 1 PM, or after 5 PM.


Half Day Session (4 hours)

Great for corporations, parties, or clubs with between 25 and 125 people. Let us pull up and plug in to help you increase morale and productivity all while preventing workplace injury.


Twilight Session (4 hours)

Perfect for residential complexes and evening parties.  Can accommodate up to 192 ten- minute massages.  Session must commence after 5 PM.


Three-Quarter Day Session (6 hours)

Best for events or corporations with between 50 and 150 people.  We pull up, plug in, and treat everybody to some relaxation.


Full Day Session (8 hours)

You schedule the time.  We will pull up to your place of business and treat your deserving staff.


Overtime Full Day Session (12 hours)

Let us stay the whole day, and we can provide about 350 fifteen- minute massages or 175 thirty-minute massages!


Secure your date with a 50% deposit, sales tax not included.  Deposit is non- refundable within 15 days of event date.  Introductory rates expire 9/25/19.  Add’l mileage charges might apply .