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CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588

Mobile Recovery Experiences For Athletic Events

When we built our first Mobile Recovery Station, we were just thinking “finish lines” and “athletic events.” Though we continue to serve all types of clients and events, Turbo Sports Recovery continues to evolve to meet the needs of athletic and sporting events as well as assist in post-workout recovery. 

Mobile Recovery Stations are the perfect addition to any venue as our mobile trailers are a medical doctor-approved design for athletic recovery following workouts. Our equipment is used by elite athletes as well as members of professional, college, and high school teams, and amateur athletes alike.

Discover Turbo Sports Recovery’s unique fundraising event opportunities.

Our satisfied clients can tell you that a day with the Mobile Recovery Station will boost morale, increase productivity, leave everybody with a smile on their faces, and is designed for all body types and ages. See all testimonials.

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