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CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588

Mobile Recovery Stations For Events Nationwide

When we built our first Mobile Recovery Station, we were just thinking “finish lines” and “athletic events.”  We never imagined that we would appear at so many diverse functions, like employee appreciation activities or as a nursing appreciation idea. Employers, educators, healthcare administrators, and coaches are all beginning to realize the importance of physical health, wellness, and revitalization. 

Our satisfied clients can tell you that a day with the Mobile Recovery Station will boost morale, increase productivity, and leave everybody with a smile on their faces. See all testimonials.

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Our Mobile Recovery Stations are perfect for:

  • College Campus and University Events - for school based, athletic, and social functions including wellness day events, Greek Life events, and Finals Week events.
  • K-12 Schools - for in-service days as well as a Teacher Appreciation Event idea or as a Nurse Day gift idea for school nurses.
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Other Health Care Facilities - for an employee appreciation and retention activity, as a Nurse Appreciation Week idea, and even for residents!
  • Corporations and Professional Firms - as an employee appreciation or team-building event as well as to improve health and wellness in the workplace.
  • Athletic Events - for sports massages pre- or post event, including professional, collegiate, and high school athletes.
  • Fundraising - massage chair events make for a unique fundraising opportunity for club or university teams as well as any worthy cause that you can think of!
  • Non-Profit Organizations - contact us to learn how we can create a win-win scenario for your cause.
  • Hospitality Tents or Suites - as a tailgate party event, golf or country club event idea, auto racing venue event, and for festivals with corporate sponsors who wish to impress their customers.
  • Other Venues - casinos, trucking companies, telemarketing firms, 4-H clubs, equestrian events, government agencies, and even as wedding weekend activity!

Do you have an idea for a venue or an event activity, such as Trade Show Booth Activities or Nurse Week Activities? Contact us, and we will make it work!

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Mobile Recovery Stations

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