When we built our first Mobile Recovery Station, we were just thinking “finish lines” and “athletic events.”  We never imagined that we would appear at so many diverse functions for a myriad of organizations. Employers, educators, health care administrators, and coaches are all beginning to realize the importance of physical recovery.  Our satisfied clients can tell you that a day with the Mobile Recovery Station will boost morale, increase productivity, and leave everybody with a smile on his or her face. We simply pull up, plug in, and treat up to 250 people during an eight- hour day.  For pricing and to check availability for each of our two trailers, please click here.

Our Mobile Recovery Station is perfect for. . .

    • Universities - for school based, athletic, and social functions. 
    • K-12 Schools  - for inservice days as well as Teacher Appreciation Week.
    • Health Care Facilities - for employees and even residents! (Who would have thought nursing homes?--but yes, we have done a bunch!)
    • Corporations and Professional Firms - for employee appreciation as well as health and wellness events. (A great motivational tool!)
    • Athletic Events - including professional, collegiate, and high school.
    • Fundraising - for club or university teams and any worthy cause that you can think of!   (Ask a representative about our fundraising program for those organizations that depend on outsourced funding.)
    • Non-Profit Organizations - Talk to us as to how we can create a win-win scenario for your cause.


  • Hospitality Tents or Suites - at tailgate parties, tennis, golf or auto racing venues, and festivals with corporate  sponsors who wish to impress their customers.
  • Other venues - casinos, trucking companies, telemarketing firms, 4-H clubs, equestrian events, governmental agencies and even hangover brunches after weddings!  (Do you have an idea for a venue? Call us, and we will make it work!)