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Can Wellness Heal the Workplace? – The New York Times Article Summary

As the current and incoming work forces continue to put a focus on joining organizations that recognize the importance of mental health and work-life balance, a large number of workplaces are scheduling optional activities during the work day that are meant to be “restorative and instructive.”

Companies are starting to actively work to change their corporate culture and take interest in employees’ well-being. Some activities that companies are beginning to include as a part of company life are:

  • Basic meditation
  • Yoga
  • Vision-boarding
  • Energy consulting
  • Sound baths
  • Hypnotherapy

The motivation behind implementing these activities in the workplace is to shift company practices from creating conversations about how to manage stress to actively helping their employee to de-stress.

Shaping a company culture that acknowledges and minimizes employee stress and frustration is how some organizations are dealing with increasing employee burnout issues. The mindset is to create a culture that is proactive in preventing stress rather than dealing with the fallout of numerous burnouts.

The success of these activities relies on the willingness of employees to participate and top corporate leaders to integrate them into the foundation of the company’s goals, values, and culture.

Workplace wellness is not a replacement for creating a positive work environment that works to improve employee health and performance or investing in paying attention to employees’ working conditions and needs, but the workplace may be the only place where some employees can access these wellness practices.

Through these activities, people discover ways they can perform these practices on a more regular basis.

Workplace Wellness

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