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As Medical Workers Bear the Unbearable, the Burnout Is Smoldering

As essential workers bear the brunt of the outcomes of the coronavirus outbreak, their workplaces continue to look for ways to demonstrate their appreciation by reducing stress in any way that they can. In the case of medical workers, some healthcare facilities have created an “oasis room.”

Massage Chair RecoveryOasis rooms provide employees a space to decompress and relax away from workplace stressors. In a recent article from the New York Times, one oasis room included a massage chair to help healthcare workers unwind to lessen the anxious feelings that continue to build throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The coronavirus has deeply impacted the feelings of safety and security across the globe. While essential workers assist in protecting people and providing essential services across the United States, the long workdays can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Turbo Sports Recovery has not been immune to the business difficulties caused by the outbreak. We’ve had to shift our business model in order to survive and are liquidating the massage chairs from our mobile stations at a fraction of the cost in order to help your workforce recover. The advanced technology and superior design make them the best massage chairs on the market which is ideal for use in your oasis rooms. In helping you, you are able to help us stay in business.

Request a quote to discover how you can add our unique recovery massage chairs for use in your oasis rooms.

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"Our staff LOVED their day in the Mobile Recovery Station. The employees talked about it for months. It improved morale and productivity and we will be very excited to have the TRS Mobile Recovery Trailer back to our facility!"

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