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How to Show Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day officially comes but once per year, and this year it’s March 6th. However, there is a wide variety of reasons and benefits as to why you should show employee appreciation year-round.

Expressing appreciation by putting employee appreciation event ideas into action is vital in order for your employees to perform at their most productive and be at their highest satisfaction.

Importance of Employee Appreciation

Showing employees that they are appreciated helps in creating a positive work environment and improving company culture. Furthermore, creating a healthy workplace through employee appreciation can produce these benefits:

Higher workplace productivity

Typical advice on how to increase workplace productivity focuses on improving work processes, eliminating duplicate work, and so forth. The correlation between appreciated employees and higher workplace productivity is relatively new.

Appreciated employees are more likely to be motivated to do their best. In other words, they are more engaged in their jobs, and this leads to increased productivity, as shown by these two studies:

Improved trust in company leadership

Trust opens up communication. When employees and their managers exchange new ideas and improved methodologies, it keeps the company competitive. Furthermore, it keeps the energy level and excitement high.

However, you can’t generate trust from nothing. Something beyond a positive work environment must generate that trust.

It just so happens that appreciation can help create trust. A 2016 study showed a strong link between employees who had been recognized in the past month and employees who trusted their bosses.

Furthermore, employees who feel good about their place of work are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. This leads to the next point…

Lower turnover rates

Employees who are highly satisfied with their jobs stick around longer. According to a 2012 study, companies with effective employee recognition programs have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate than companies that don’t have such programs (or have ineffective programs).

In 2017, the Society for Human Resource Management reported that the cost of hiring a new employee is around $1600 – and that doesn’t include training them. Obviously, keeping employee turnover low is better for the balance sheet.

We’ve established the importance of employee appreciation. Now let’s cover how to show employee appreciation.

Tips on Showing Employee Appreciation

If there’s anything worse than not expressing employee appreciation, it’s communicating it in a way that’s perceived as insincere or condescending. When showing appreciation, remember to keep it:

  • Spontaneous—The appreciation takes place naturally during the course of doing business.
  • Timely—The appreciation occurs as closely to the behavior as possible.
  • Specific—The manager defines the behavior that earned the praise.

Help managers get better at recognizing employees

Even the best managers may have trouble showing employees appreciation, possibly because they:

  • Don’t feel comfortable giving praise
  • Haven’t established appreciation as a habit
  • Don’t know how to show employee appreciation

If you suspect this could be the case at your organization, offer managers training or coaching on the topic of employee appreciation.

Experiment with employee appreciation event ideas

In addition to spontaneously recognizing great employees, investigate other ways of conveying employee appreciation, such as:

  • Raises and promotions
  • Professional development
  • Workplace outings and rewarding events

Raises and promotions

The desire for money to sustain ourselves and our families is a common work motivator. So, it’s natural to think that offering raises would encourage employees to work harder.

However, a 2015 study revealed that only 7% of employees considered more money an important work motivator. In addition, just 4% thought a promotion was a proper motivator.

This doesn’t mean that raises and promotions shouldn’t be part of an employee appreciation program. Just don’t make it the central focus.

Professional development

In the same 2015 study, 37% of employees defined recognition as their preferred motivator. However, employees also mentioned other motivators that, when considered together, are significant:

  • Additional training (6%) – Give employees time and resources to learn more about professional or work-related topics through training, education, etc.
  • Autonomy (12%) – Allow employees to make more decisions when resolving issues or making improvements.
  • Inspiration (12%) – Give employees experiences and materials that stimulate and encourage them (conferences, books, etc.).

mobile massage experience

Workplace outings and rewarding events

Employees will enjoy having their work recognized in different ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Some suggestions for staff outings include:

  • Indoor activities—Rock climbing, trampoline facilities, roller skating
  • Outdoor activities—Zip lining, tourist attractions, nature hikes

You can also consider events that are able to be provided near your office or along with your indoor or outdoor staff outing, such as the mobile massage experience to pamper employees with a midday massage.

Whether you’re looking into how to increase workplace productivity, lower turnover rates, or increase trust in the workplace, employees will definitely appreciate the fact that you care.

Learn more about the mobile recovery stations and their portable massage experience capabilities from Turbo Sports Recovery or request a quote. We look forward to helping you to better appreciate your employees!

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