CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588
CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588

Turbo Sports Recovery is Back in Action

Massage Chair RecoveryTurbo Sports Recovery would like to welcome back America, especially our valued customers! Due to the pandemic, our mobile recovery stations were grounded for 14 months and we have missed being able to offer relaxation and recovery. While it was difficult to be unable to serve customers and clients, we were fortunate that our family and friends were able to remain healthy.

Now though, it’s time to get to work. America, let’s get back to work and get this economy going, and when you are tired, spent, burnt out, or exhausted, then bring us to your place of work, your school, or your athletic event. We will see you on the road and remember: Turbo Sports Recovery specializes in improving your ability to Relax, Recover, and Perform! 

Request a quote to discover our mobile recovery stations can bring relaxation and recovery to your event or location.

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From Our Clients

"Our staff LOVED their day in the Mobile Recovery Station. The employees talked about it for months. It improved morale and productivity and we will be very excited to have the TRS Mobile Recovery Trailer back to our facility!"

Lynette Rathbun Genesis Health Care Tyler, Texas