CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588
CALL US TODAY: 732-722-8588

About Us

Turbo Sports Recovery is embarking on a revolutionary movement to enhance the health, wellness, and recovery of essential service workers!

Beyond that, our mobile recovery station makes for a unique event experience for grand opening events, for country club or golf club events, as a fundraising event, as a trade show booth activity, as a team-building activity, and more!

We can perform 48 ten-minute massages per hour, 32 fifteen- minute massages per hour, or 16 thirty- minute massages per hour.

Turbo Sports Recovery believes in helping the workers that help us. To find out more about how we can bring our one-of-a-kind massage experience, Request a Quote.

Relaxing Massage Chairs

Our Team

turbo sports recovery founder

John J. Hall

Founder & CEO

John was inspired to start Turbo Sports Recovery to address everybody’s need for recovery after a brief career selling hospitality electronics. Prior to that, he served as the President and founder of Video Tutor, Incorporated. He also authored and distributed 17 educational video titles that are used in thousands of schools, libraries and learning institutions nationally. Outside of the office, John is married to Janet, and is the proud father of four children.

outside cfo tom corley

Tom Corley

Outside CFO

Established author, speaker, and media contributor whose creativity has been instrumental in the formation of Turbo Sports Recovery. Tom is a CPA, a CFP, and holds a master’s in taxation. He currently heads up a successful financial service firm in New Jersey.


Richard J Fisk

Director of Texas Operations

Professional horse trainer, retired law enforcement, and realtor whose personalized customer experience continues to make Turbo Sports Recovery events special and unique. Richard, or Rick, is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys donating his time to be an auctioneer for charity fundraisers.

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